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    How It All Started: A Conversation with Our Son

    One Thanksgiving when our son was home during his freshman year of college, we were discussing the challenges he was facing and the adjustments required in this phase of his life. As any father or parent would do, I encouraged him and let him know that he was experiencing what many have gone through, and that he was on the path to achieving his dreams. I told him he must stay strong in the midst of the many obstacles he would encounter over the course of his life.

    We talked about the importance of faith, hope, and perseverance. We discussed how the path to success is not easy; it’s not a straight line, it requires hard work and presents many hurdles to overcome. Our son looked at me and said, “Dad, life is a hurdle, I have to keep jumping “Those are powerful words,” I said. “We should figure out a way to share them with others.”

    This dialogue prompted us to build a brand and start a business that would inspire and motivate people all over the world.


    We trademarked Life is a Hurdle®, Keep Jumping®, and launched the PowerWords Apparel® brand and apparel line, with a focus on enhancing Inspiration in Life and Sport®. Sports have been a big part of our lives and instrumental in teaching the importance of teamwork, work ethic, and how to compete hard for victory and bounce back from defeat.

    Our mission is to use the power of words to inspire dreams, instill self-confidence, encourage healthy lifestyles, and help strengthen the resolve of diverse people and generations across the globe. We want to provide a little light in the darkness, and help guide people to successful destinations. Our hope is that the impact of positive words will help people maximize life’s opportunities and be resilient when dealing with misfortune and setbacks.

    In my own humble beginnings and my journey to achievement, there have been many blessings, opportunities to learn and grow, great mentors, and lessons learned. We felt compelled to launch the PowerWords Apparel®, Inspiration in Life and Sport® brand and mission to inspire others to dream big, attain goals, and overcome adversity by maintaining a relentless passion for succeeding.




    We are extremely grateful for our blessings and committed to being a catalyst for helping others bounce back from adversity and live their dreams.

    That’s why we will support scholarships for aspiring students, help develop our youth, and support non-profit organizations who are delivering innovative and effective services in global communities. 

    We greatly appreciate your support of our PowerWords Apparel®mission and help to Spread the Power®!